Sponsor A Care Package


loved+blessed is a social enterprise. We generate profit so that we can use it to do good in the world and encourage others. As part of our Pass Hope On initiative, we distribute encouragement to individuals who are hurting and in need of hope.

With your support, we are able to give away:

  • Bibles, devotionals, encouraging books and care packages to people struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts

  • Encouragement kits to senior living and retirement communities

  • Care packages to people in nursing homes and in hospice care

  • Products to after school and youth programs to encourage children who are being bullied or facing other challenges

  • Socks and other essential toiletries to be distributed to those in need

  • Products to non-profits and ministries to help with fundraising efforts so they can do more good

  • Boxes of encouragement to women in our online community who truly need it but are struggling financially

    *If you are a part of our online community and would like to bless another woman with a box, you can do that here.  At checkout, please note the name of the woman in the comments.