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loved+blessed began as my personal ministry to leave a legacy of encouragement, and has grown into a thriving community and a growing small business that uses all it's profit to encourage others. I started loved+blessed with a personal investment from my husband and I’s savings and continue to run it without outside investment. As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety, it is really important to me that we are able to provide free content, resources and care packages to those in emotional need. If loved+blessed has helped you choose joy and live encouraged we hope you’ll support us through one of the options below.

Support The Community

Our loved+blessed Ladies community is free to join, but it does cost money to run. Help us cover the costs of operating this special space or sponsor a care package for someone in need.

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Support us with an ongoing gift of just $5/month or $5/week.

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Sponsor a care package

Through our Pass Hope On initiative we give away free care packages and gifts of encouragement to those in desperate need of hope. Help us by sponsoring a care package.

Shop on Amazon

Yep! You read that right. You can support loved+blessed by shopping Jamila's favorite products on Amazon.

It won't cost you anything. When you shop using our page or affiliate links, we receive a small commission. We use that money to help keep our online community free to join.

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