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Uplifts are intimate gatherings of down-to-earth women filled with encouraging testimonies, practical tips, uplifting worship, heartfelt prayer and conversations that lead to authentic fellowship.

At Uplifts, you’ll hear from women who have been where you are. They’ll share their story and listen to yours so we can encourage each other on this adventure called life. That’s what being sisters in Christ is all about.

What we host

Uplift Gatherings

Online Events hosted inside our Loved and Blessed Ladies Community & In-Person Events hosted in Southern California

Uplift Retreats

*Coming In His Timing*

Multi-day In-Person Retreats

Hosting our 1st retreat is on my heart, but I am prayerfully waiting for God's guidance on the timing and what it should look like. Please stay tuned for updates and pray along with me!

Hugs, Jamila

What women are saying about Uplift Events...

Alysse & Joyce

loved+blessed put on such an amazing event that was full of encouragement. It was uplifting, there were tears of joy and conviction, the speakers/testimonies filled us with the tools to be God confident. Amazing!


God can sure move in BIG ways in intimate spaces. Yesterday’s Uplift Gathering was the perfect reminder of that. It was like a little slice of heaven. The room was filled with the most beautiful rainbow of every skin color, and our ages spanned between generations. The wisdom, the encouragement, the power of redemption. I am so glad I went!! I had no idea what to expect, but it blew away all my expectations, fear and nerves. It honestly was one of the best mornings I’ve had in a long time.

Charnell & Xiomara

So good! I cannot explain today in words. I just can’t! God’s timing truly blows my mind. The Word spoken by the speakers was so in season. God confirmed and spoke so clearly to me that I messed up my makeup from crying and feeling His presence. But what really got me was the small group session where I was just able to be honest about my fears and doubts.

It was an amazing spirit filled gathering where the encouragement is kept “real” and biblical!


I was blessed to meet a beautiful sister in Christ.


This was a wonderful event and unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The energy and the passion in the room were infectious. Everyone, especially Jamila and the speakers, were overflowing with their love for the Lord and for their sisters in Christ. I hope they do more events like this one because it was truly uplifting.


Looking forward to uplifting you again and again!