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Hey Sis!

At loved+blessed we keep it real. We know life can be hard, but we also believe that even on the toughest days, we can choose joy by walking in faith and truly trusting God.

We’re here to show you how to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer with practical tools, transparent teaching, and intimate community.

#wordhugs from our Community
#wordhugs from our Community
Loved+Blessed has a wonderful community of women that encourage and uplift one another. They've helped me grow and learn in so many different ways. Join in and participate. I promise you won't regret it!
— Jessica
#wordhugs from our Community
I love everything about Loved +Blessed. They are truly special boxes that speak to what I need at that specific time. Every intricate detail in the box makes be feel loved and blessed including the perfectly designed jewelry to go along with it to have as a reminder everyday.
— Christina
#wordhugs from our Community
It's a community of encouragement and faith and I recommend it for any woman of faith in your life!
— Kara
#wordhugs from our Community
I joined 2 years ago and I have to say it was one of the most meaningful and encouraging things I could have done for myself. After having my first child, I was terrified. I was able to jump into resources and encouraging words that pushed me in the right direction! I totally recommend this to everyone! Especially those who were like me and needed guidance back to our Father and need to be reminded of His love and grace!
— Carol
#wordhugs from our Community
The boxes are wonderful and I get excited when they arrive. They always seem to be speaking to the area I need encouragement in. They make great gifts to encourage others.
— Marie
#wordhugs from our Community
Loved+Blessed has truly been a God send, I've been able to encourage friends within the same state as well as friends and family who are located on the other side of the country. I'm so grateful for this God ordained and aligned service. My loved ones are often moved to tears and filled with gratitude when they receive the 'always on time' beautifully curated encouragement boxes.
— Nikiva
#wordhugs from our Community
Many women have received these encouragement boxes, from me, that are filled with love and put together by sisters who love Jesus and have servant hearts. Thank you Jamila for being obedient to the calling that our Father has placed in your heart, to love His daughter's, to encourage us, pray for us and put together these amazing boxes of encouragement.
— Dana
#wordhugs from our Community
Her story is encouraging, empowering, and relatable. Sweet reminders of how we are not forsaken, but loved and adored by God. You know you’re in for a treat when Jamila speaks.
— Melanie
#wordhugs from our Community
loved+blessed will not only enrich your walk with God & aid in your spiritual growth. It will provide you with a community of women that will pour into you by praying for you and with you. Be it by email, a care package or a gathering you are going to be uplifted and provided with the Living Water of God.
— Charity
#wordhugs from our Community
Jamila is an authentic communicator whose testimony and words bring Jesus to life. Whether it’s speaking to large or small audiences, she encourages all right where they’re at. I find myself leaning further in His unconditional love after being with her, she is like a faith flamer. 🔥
— Jill
#wordhugs from our Community
She uplifted, inspired and challenged us as she gracefully articulated her blessed message of encouragement. She helped us to dig deep into the gray areas of our lives that we never pay attention to so that we could be honest with ourselves to remove junk in order to make room - to take action; to rebuild and be made over daily in Christ.
— Joyce

I'm Jamila

I'm glad you're here. loved+blessed is a ministry of encouragement. Called to uplift the spirit of women when they struggle to hope. Birthed out of my barrenness, I cheerfully use my gifts, talent, time and resources to serve with the unconditional love of Jesus and war in the spirit realm for others when they struggle to fight for themselves. I'm an encourager and my ministry is hope.

My promise to you.

Exclusive Products

Your purchases support our mission to spread hope to hurting people.

Almost every product you’ll find in our shop has been personally design by me and is available only on our website.

We believe in community over competition, so you’ll also find unique gifts and products from Christian brands we love.

Covered With Prayer

Everything has been design with love and is shipped with care. We pray over every package before it’s shipped.

Whether you order a gift or something for yourself, we pray it speaks to the heart, strengthens faith and uplifts the spirt.

Cultivating Lasting Joy

We are not just an online store. We are a community.

Our products are inspired by women like you, to encourage women like you.

We want to show you how to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer with practical tools, transparent teaching, and intimate fellowship.

When you finish shopping, come hang out with us in our online community. I’d love to get to know you!

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