Bless This Home Gift Box


The home that we live in undoubtedly holds many physical and spiritual meanings. It is a place where we not only seek shelter, but find comfort, love, belonging, security, and a sense of tranquility. Because of this, many of us seek to make our homes as perfect as it can be. No matter how we decorate, remodel, or furnish our home though, it can often become overwhelming because we are left questioning, “is this enough?”

In times like these, we just need a reminder that God has purposely chosen this home for us. God not only has woven us in the womb, but He has created and shaped every aspect of our lives including our homes. It is important to note that a home’s real value is never based on its price or how beautifully decorated it is. And your address is not a consequence of your income, your stage in life, or how good of a Christian you are. It is your home because God has chosen that home for you.

Because of this, we must celebrate our homes and invite God’s presence because it is the gift of living with God that yields the greatest satisfaction. With our “Bless This Home” blessing bundle, you will be given daily reminders of the wonderful work of Christ in laying down the foundation in the place that we call home. It also makes as a perfect housewarming gift to help your friends bless their beautiful homes with the presence of the Holy Spirit.