September 12th is the National Day of Encouragement.  

How are you celebrating?

Here are 3 super simple ways to encourage someone today.

1. Say "Hello"
Have you noticed that it's not common anymore for people to say "hello" to strangers?  Try it, you'll get some strange looks.  But we encourage you today to say a warm "hello" to everyone you pass by today.  Just that simple acknowledgement of each other as human beings can put a smile on someone's face.

2. Tell someone "Great Job"
We often tell children that they've done a great job.  It reinforces their confidence and is important to their self-esteem.  But let's not forget us grown ups need a pat on the back too sometimes.  Tell a coworker, your boss, your husband, your boyfriend, a waiter or the person who bagged your groceries that you appreciate a job well done.

3. Really ask someone "How are you?"
Many of us have gotten into the habit of asking this question but not actually listening for the answer.  Or when we're checking out at the store, the cashier asks "How are you?" and we say fine and hand them our payment without asking them how they are doing. Let them know you care.  Try it, ask everyone you interact with today how they are doing, listen and respond with a word of encouragement.

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