Write.” This was the word I heard from the Lord at a women’s conference in 2016. I heard it, not audibly, but in my spirit- in HIS spirit, living within me. Then, just to confirm and “make his way plain for me” he wrote it out right there in front of me. A woman’s journal set down in her chair while she stood to worship said it clearly and plainly, “ Write” in beautiful gold foil lettering on the cover. As I read that word, all I could do was giggle, “Okay Lord, I hear you.”

So here I sit, almost two years later, one (more) child later and a whole lot of life later and Holy Spirit hasn’t stopped reminding me of that one word, ”write.” I’ve prayed, avoided, reasoned, argued with myself, and just tried to talk myself out it: “ maybe I misunderstood,” “maybe I’m crazy,” “what could I possibly have to say that someone else hasn’t said already,” “when do I have time for this?” And then He reminds me, “you are special, unique, gifted, blessed and I have a purpose for you! I have a plan only you can accomplish if you’ll just obey me. You don’t see the big picture that I see. Please, just take my hand and trust me, you’ll see…”

Well, I am tired of running. My deepest desire is to obey Him and glorify Him. At the end of my life I desire to look back and believe that I did what He asked as best I could. I want to be an example to my children that obeying the Father is the greatest act of faith we can commit. I want to trust that His plan is better than mine. Therefore, I will write.

As I considered what to write and asked the Lord what it is He desires me to write I kept coming back to one thing, Glory Stories. I can look back on my own walk with the Lord and see some moments where He has just blown me away with wonder and awe. Those moments have deepened my faith, encouraged me, and made me fall deeper in love with my savior, Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father. I’ve also realized that when I hear other peoples’ stories of miracle and wonder, it excites me! Their stories also encourage me, motivate me, and spark a flame within me! I mean if we look at His word, isn’t it just that? Stories of His wonder, glory, majesty, love, provision, and power?! This is when I realized that this is what I must write. I must share stories of His glory as witnessed through the lives and eyes of His believers.

My prayer as you read these stories is that you would fall deeper in love with your savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that it would encourage you to walk closer to Him. I pray that if you’re on the fence with your faith, these stories would stir a flame within you to dig deeper and to trust Him fully. I pray that your eyes would be opened to how real and alive our heavenly Father is right now. He is not an absent or distant God. He is alive, He is real, and He wants to walk with you every step of the way because He is crazy about you.

“They defeated him through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness. They weren’t in love with themselves; they were willing to die for Christ.” Revelation 12:11

What has God laid on your heart to do that you’re a little nervous about? Maybe it was today or a few years ago? Just know, all you have to do is take one step of obedience and slowly the pieces will come together and God will never forsake you along the way. He has good plans for you!!

What about you? Comment below.


Courtney and her husband

by Courtney Reagan

Courtney is a wife to her handsome high school sweetheart and mom to their beautiful five children. She spends her days working at her children’s school and is pursuing a teaching career. At her church, she serves with her family in the children’s ministry. Courtney loves to bake, cook, take photographs, sing and play with her family. Recently, the Lord laid on her heart to write for Him and His glory, and so what you read here is her act of obedience in hopes that His perfect name will be lifted higher!


Courtney Reagan said:

I love that the Lord has used this to encourage you to move forward in whatever it is He is calling you to. Your faithfulness will bring blessing to you and honor to Him! He is so good!!

Lisa Thompson said:

This resonates with me. I have recently gone through something similar. Thank you for reminding me to just be obedient and God will take care of the rest. I intend to move forward and follow His purpose for my life.

Maeglin said:

Amen. I think this blog really relates to many of us and it’s inspiring to know we are not alone. God has a plan for us and we just have to listen and obey.

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