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What happened to the monthly membership?

Hi Friend,

The most important life lesson I’ve learned since starting loved+blessed in 2014 is obedience. 

I’ve learned that obedience is hard but it’s an act of complete faith and trust in God.
I’ve learned that obedience is humbling and character building.
I’ve learned that obedience should be immediate but even when it’s not, God will use my delayed obedience (i.e. disobedience) to teach me things about my pride, my need for control, my level of submission, my God-confidence and my love for Him.

My past disobedience has taught me so much, that as much as my flesh wasn’t quite ready to make this decision, I knew in my spirit that I had to.

I am practicing what I preach and did it scared y’all.

In June of 2021, I announced that our October box of encouragement would be our last monthly box.

Those who have been monthly box members know that I never believed that I came up with our monthly themes on my own. There is no way that I can take credit for coming up with 85 different themes over the span of 7 years.  

Every year there was a moment when I would hear the Holy Spirit whisper the themes to me and then I would make plans to share them with our members throughout the following year.  

Well, 2021 was different. 

The Spirit had been whispering, even yelling ideas to me....but they were not for monthly boxes. The ideas were for new content, engaging events, intimate retreats, books (yes...books plural), encouraging products and uplifting tools.

I asked God directly to give me confirmation that our October 2021 box should be the last and I just hearing Him say trust Me. And then it seemed like each day, He would confirm and give me peace that this was the direction He was leading.

As I looked at the plan for the last 3 themes for October, November and December, I realized that they are supposed to be combined into one box, the October box, and would be fitting and beautiful conclusion to where this journey started back in October of 2014.

What's next for loved+blessed?

loved+blessed and the community we've built is not going away. God’s hand is in it and I know this move away from designing, producing and shipping a new box every month will actually allow us to provide encouragement to you in so many more ways.

Stay tuned and make sure to come hang out with us inside our free community so you can be the first to know about all the new things that we'll be introducing as we continue on our mission to help you live encouraged.

Thank you for being a part of my journey to leave a legacy of encouragement. Please keep me in your prayers as I obediently follow where God is leading. 

Sincerely + with my whole heart,

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