February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Pick one of these ideas and throw kindness around like confetti:

  • Homemade With Love - bake a cake, cookies or fresh bread for someone

  • Laundry Surprise - stop by your local laundromat and hand out rolls of quarters

  • Say Thank You - write a thank you note on your next restaurant bill

  • Send Snail Mail - handwrite a few letters to friends or family you haven't spoken to in awhile

  • Pay It Forward - pay for the coffee or groceries of someone in line behind you

  • Pass Hope On - write an encouraging note inside of a book and give it to a stranger

  • Stick It To 'Em - leave a "have a great day" sticky note on someone's windshield or on the mirror of a public bathroom

  • Pack A Sack - pack a few sack lunches, write a positive note on the bag and hand them out to those in need

  • Encourage your community - leave notes of encouragement in your neighbors mailboxes

  • Send a care package

Celebrating kindness for one day just isn't enough!  

Mark your calendar and celebrate again World Kindness Day on November 13th.

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