The following is a short personal post on how I’ve been dealing with heartbreak the last few months.


This year has not been what any of us expected. 

At the start of the year, most people have a list of goals and plans that they would like to achieve by the end of the year.  But sometimes things don’t go as planned.  Our world gets turned upside down and we’re left with the unexpected and the unknown.  This year is an example of that.

In this long period of quarantine and pretty much self-isolation, we’ve been able to give God our full attention with no outside distractions.

Even though there is still a lot to do, whether it’s working from home, or spending time with family, we’ve had more time to reflect and spend time alone with God.

This year has personally been a difficult one for me.

I feel as if God stripped this place of comfort I was in.

You might agree that going out of your comfort zone is not always the easiest.


I saw the bad in a situation, but God saw the good.

Right as quarantine began, God took me out of the relationship I was in. I was left devastated, heartbroken, and found myself asking the question, “why God?

We’re starting this time of quarantine and now you’re taking away my partner? Lord, how much lonelier can I feel?”

I saw my dream of being a wife fade away.

You see; I couldn’t get past the pain.

What I didn’t know is that as I cried myself to sleep, God was wiping away each tear.

As I felt alone and longed for someone, God was holding me in His arms.

As I cried out to God, I can’t do this anymore, God’s word says, “You can do all through Christ who strengthens you.”


He heals the broken hearted and binds up their woundsPsalm 147:3


I might have felt broken, but I was not defeated.

The Lord needed me to go through this trial, not because He enjoys seeing His children in pain, but because through trials and suffering, His word says, comes perseverance, character and hope.

God needed me to surrender it all, so I could give my all to Him.

I had to give up control of the situation and allow God to lead the way.

This is a time of growth and learning and God is ready to teach.

All that you go through, all the pain; that fight you put up, the lessons and outcomes of it all, there is a reason for it.  It is all for His Glory.

Remember that there is a process for everything. Some days will be better than others, but our eyes should stay fixed on God so that we don’t steer away from Him.


So how do I choose joy in all of this?

I thought I knew what was good for me, but

I choose joy knowing that God knows what’s best.

I choose joy in trusting God and His purpose for my life.

I choose joy in reading His word and knowing my hope lies in Him.

That my worth and identity did not lie in this man, but in Christ alone.

Pain, heartbreak, and trials will come our way, but we have a Father in Heaven who loves and adores us. 

There is no better medicine, no better remedy or cure.

Nothing heals better than Jesus.

God didn’t give me what I thought I needed, so He is teaching me how to live without it.

And believe me, it has not been easy, but by Faith, I know things will be okay.  

Sometimes the unknown is exciting when you know that God is in control.

He is not done with me and He is certainly not done with you. This is just the beginning.


Here are ten things that have helped me during this time. I hope they help you as well.

1)    Spend alone time with God.  Read His word and PRAY.  There’s nothing stronger than prayer.

2)    Read a book that will help you in your situation.  Reading has helped me tremendously during this time.  It’s not only relaxing but I have felt God speak to me through some of the books.

3)    Get your worship groove on. There’s nothing like listening to worship music and just PRAISING THE LORD!

4)    Find 1 or 2 friends you can really open up to and share with.  My close friends have been so supportive and understanding during this time and I thank God for placing them in my life.

5)    Get out of the house. Spend some time with nature and take in the fresh air.  This is one of my favorite things to do. I get to be surrounded by God’s beauty and really de-stress and clear my mind.

6)    Write down your feelings or record a voice memo.  This is super helpful! Voice memo’s have been great for me because I’m easily able to express myself.  I’d suggest trying it out!

7)    Watch sermons or uplifting videos. I can guarantee they’ll put a smile on your face!

8)    Find a way to express yourself in a creative way.  Try something new like painting/drawing, writing, dancing, singing, etc.

9)    Spend time with loved ones.  Sometimes when things get hard it can be easy to isolate yourself.  Spending time alone is good, but we’re meant to be around others and be there for them as well. 

10)  Laugh. I know it’s hard at times when everything seems to be going wrong, but laughter works wonders! My guilty pleasure is watching The Golden Girls and they do not disappoint!


Are you experiencing a difficult time? How are you coping through it?

I’d love to hear from you. Comment and share below.

Maeglin Mazariegos

by Maeglin Mazariegos

Maeglin lives in Los Angeles and is the community manager at loved+blessed.

She’s an aspiring writer and is very passionate about the things she loves including family and Jesus.


Maeglin said:

Thank you so much Ronda! I’m glad you’ve joined our community. You’re not alone in this 💗

Ronda said:

Maeglin, this was so good! I’m in the same situation and I am finding joy and releasing my feelings and the entire situation to God. Loved+Blessed though I’m really new here, has been an amazing life line during this time. I’m so glad to be here and I’m so thankful to have read this post. Thank you, Sister. ❤

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