loved+blessed is a subscription box that delivers a monthly message of Godly encouragement along with a toolkit to help you stay in the Word.  You are never alone.  Our box is backed by a community of Christian women seeking to support one another.  Along with your box, you'll receive a monthly downloadable workbook and can join our Facebook group to discuss the theme.

I am always amazed at how every month loved and blessed sends me the exact encouragement I need. God really works through these ladies to bless me and it is so much fun to pass on the blessings. Worth every penny and I highly recommend getting a subscription.
— Aleena
This box is amazing. Spreading truth about God’s love, grace, comfort, protection and more is what this box does. “Encouraging” is a mass understatement.
— Liz
I purchased this box for myself and gifted one to my mother who lives across the country. I was moved to tears by the emotional message on the inside of the box and everything just got better. The theme was “you are enough” and book, bookmark, devotional messages and stickers fit with the theme beautifully. I had tried another Christian based subscription box for my mom and me, but we didn’t really like the box only really had two items that matched the theme. We prefer this box as it doesn’t add all the “extra” items and focuses on encouragement and faith, not a lot of home decor and extra items that are neat at first, but the message of God is lost in a lot of the extra filler. If you are looking for a box that offers reflection on His word and devotional items- look no farther.
— Katie
At first I just felt blessed to receive a box every month filled with encouragement of faith. Soon I realized what a gift it is, to have a group of people share their fears and worries and hopes and willingness to pray for people they don’t know.
— Kara
This is the most beneficial sub box I’ve ever gotten, and I have participated in quite a few. The message and encouragement are always on point. The stickers, posters, and devotion are structured in such away that you can surround you daily life with beauty and encouragement. They are consistent in quality. The gifts are great, but the greatest gifts are the encouragement kits that come with each box. It is such a joy to be reminded to pray over others and make sure you are encouraging and serving those around you to build that foundation and community around you that’ll continue to pour into you even if the boxes stop one day.
— Caitlin
This pink box of blessings is one of the very happily awaited goodie of the month!!!! Ladies, if you aren’t receiving this you are really missing out on spiritual gifts and goodies!!!!
— Denise
I cant wait for that pink box that I can tell has been prayed over because each month it seems to speak directly to the season I am going through and guides me with Godly wisdom and reminders.
— Jessica
I love getting my pink box every month. I literally can’t wait to get it each month. This is something for me that fills my tank. It’s always on time with what I need (scriptures) that month. Thanks for encouraging me, the encourager! This subscription is so worth the money and more! You won’t regret it!
— Ashley
Just over a year ago, my mom passed. We cared for her in her home during her last couple of months. My dear daughter (an angel on earth) surprised me with a subscription to “loved and blessed”. I’ll always remember those blessed but difficult times. Each month, I receive another thought-filled box and I heal a little bit more.
— Pamela
I’m so glad to receive this box, I was having a bad day at work and when I came home the box was in my mailbox. I opened it and when I started reading God was talking to me saying “stay still and at peace”, thank you for letting God use you to bless me and other people. You doing a great job!! Also I used the additional cards and make a box for a special person that needed encouragement too, and she was so happy. That doubles the blessing, thank again!
— Katherine
Being a young lady in today’s society, it can be difficult to see your true worth. This box helped me stay encouraged and reminded me how valuable and worthy I am.
— Kayla
First, I absolutely LOVE getting these boxes every month. Everything seems so perfect and necessary for my specific circumstances in that particular time! Peace was my favorite box, because that is my life verse (John 14:27) and to have gotten that in the mail was just wonderful and so refreshing.
— Katrina
I find that each month I get these lovely little pink boxes in the mail I am encouraged and blessed. I find something that reminds me of God’s love for me, or something that I can share with someone else that needs encouragement.
— Carla
I am truly touched by this company. This company is truly living by what they preach. It is so wonderful to know there are companies like this who are genuine, and care about their customers. Thank you so much, and keep up the excellent work!
— Sarah
I got my very first box today. And it is just what I needed. Simple and uplifting.
— Tiffany