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A community and monthly care package for Christian women who want to live life encouraged.

Your membership includes boxes of encouragement, online videos, life application workbooks and fellowship.

ENCOURAGEMENT in every box

Each box contains a unique, God inspired right-on-time message to help you stay encouraged and grow in your faith through the best and worst of times.

How It Works

Receive a box of encouragement every month

Receive a box of encouragement every month

Fellowship in the community and grow in your faith

Fellowship in the community and grow in your faith

Share the message and pass hope on

Share the message and pass hope on


Union Rescue mission

With every box we ship, a donation is made to support and encourage women who are experiencing homelessness.

The Union Rescue Mission Hope Gardens Family Center helps women transition from homelessness to independence within 12 to 36 months by offering long-term rehabilitation programs, services, and spiritual care. Precious women and children have a safe place to live while they receive counseling, training, encouragement, and the real help they need to escape homelessness forever.

I can’t wait for that pink box that I can tell has been prayed over because each month it seems to speak directly to the season I am going through and guides me with Godly wisdom and reminders!
— Jessica

our story

Life is tough.

I know the struggle is real.

loved+blessed was created to encourage women to walk in faith and trust God.

I purchased this box for myself and gifted one to my mother who lives across the country. I was moved to tears by the emotional message on the inside of the box and everything just got better. The theme was “you are enough” and book, bookmark, devotional messages and stickers fit with the theme beautifully. I had tried another Christian based subscription box for my mom and me, but we didn’t really like the box only really had two items that matched the theme. We prefer this box as it doesn’t add all the “extra” items and focuses on encouragement and faith, not a lot of home decor and extra items that are neat at first, but the message of God is lost in a lot of the extra filler. If you are looking for a box that offers reflection on His word and devotional items- look no farther.
— Katie

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There is no need to suffer alone anymore.

At first I just felt blessed to receive a box every month filled with encouragement of faith. Soon I realized what a gift it is to have a group of women share their fears, worries and hopes and be willing to pray for people they’ve never met.
— Kara

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