spiritual warfare

Get up off the mat. It's not over.

Get up off the mat. It's not over.

I’ve honestly never been interested in boxing. Why someone would want to participate in a sport where they are going to get punched and bruised is beyond my comprehension. But I do find the imagery of boxing so relatable.

In order to achieve victory, we all experience some bumps and bruises. We get knocked down and no matter how much it hurts, we have to make the decision to get back up in spite of the pain. We have to dig down deep and find the strength to keep fighting.

Find Your Power In Prayer

The movie WarRoom changed my life.

I seriously love that movie!  When I tell people that, I get one of 3 reactions:  I love it too!  I haven't seen it!   Or....I saw it, but I thought it was a bit cheesy in parts.  But whatever your reaction, put that aside for a second because this is NOT a movie review.  This IS my testimony of how a movie had a profound effect on my life.

The battle is not yours.

I've had lots of dreams and goals throughout my life.  I'm guessing you have too.  Some I have been able to accomplish easily and others are still an uphill battle.  When it seems like the odds are stacked against me, it's easy to give up hope or start to believe the negative voices that say "I can't do it".  Some of those voices belong to family or friends, who mean well, but in trying to protect me from disappointment, inadvertently make me doubt myself.  Some of those voices belong to people who don't have my best interest at heart and want to be a roadblock, preventing me from reaching my goals.  And one of those voices often comes from inside of me.