I praise God that each month there are always ladies who reach out and let me know that their box of encouragement arrived ‘right on time.’  It reminds me that God is in control.  I’m a planner.  I have a long list of theme ideas for future boxes and I regularly look at the list to determine which theme will be next….but inevitably when you are designing something from scratch, there are obstacles that get in the way.  A manufacturer can’t meet our timeline, a shipment is late or sometimes, I just don’t feel settled in my soul that each item in the box is just right.  There have been many times when I think I have the next box all figured out and the Lord will literally give me a completely different idea during my prayer or Bible study time.  I always try to be obedient and switch gears, putting aside my idea for His. 

There have been a few boxes that I was really nervous about because it wasn’t the theme I had originally wanted to ship that month, but God.  God had a different plan and those boxes touched and in some cases changed the lives of the women who received them.  It’s in those moments that I sit back and marvel at how God orchestrates it all.